Wood fired outdoor pizza oven by Piteba:

- Use prunings or kindling wood for the fire.

- Fully assembled.

- You purchase the sand (for the heat storage of the oven) in a store nearby (we do not send sand…)

- The oven filled with sand can easily be moved on the frame with wheels.

- Durable materials: stainless steel, stone, untreated wood and sand.

Fully assembled stainless steel wood fired pizza oven.

Fill with dry sand and tiles .....


Countries outside the EU: ask for a price quote.

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  • € 319,95 in stock
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    Wood fired pizza ovenFully assembled. Size: L50 x W48 x H40 cm  Sand retains the heat and ensures optimum use of the energy (instead of traditional bricks)Heats up in only 45 minutesStainless steel, including oven stones (inner surface 33x45cm), oven brush, coal hook and heat shieldSand is not included. (40 liters dry sand)

    € 319,95
    € 264,42 tax excl.
  • € 114,35 in stock

    Frame for the Piteba wood fired outdoor ovenHeighth: 34 cm ( 13.4 inch )Sitting on your garden chair you can look into the ovenWheel set also available

    € 114,35
    € 94,50 tax excl.
  • € 111,08 in stock

    Make the oven mobile:With the wheels it is easy to move the heavy ovenHandy if the wind turnsExcellent height when sitting in your garden chairMakes it easy to store the oven indoors (after removing fire and coal with the brush )Easy to assemble yourself

    € 111,08
    € 91,80 tax excl.

Buy a pizza oven

Buy a pizza oven? At Piteba you purchase a wood-fired pizza oven. This outdoor oven is fully assembled and suitable for pizzas, meat, fish and tortillas. This pizza oven includes accessories and oven stones. Buying a pizza oven at Piteba is therefore a wise choice given our competitive prices. For a very reasonable price you will have an outdoor pizza oven. Easily prepare delicious pizzas. The unique pizza oven is an enrichment for your garden.


Buying a pizza oven at Piteba gives you the opportunity to prepare various food products in addition to making an excellent pizza. You can easily make the most delicious meat, fish and tortillas with the wood-fired pizza oven from Piteba. The pizza oven is also very suitable for slow-cooking or sand-cooking. The sand on top of the pizza oven stays hot for a long time and can be used for many alternatives to the pizza.

Unique and sustainable

You only have to add dry sand yourself and you are ready to bake the perfect pizza in your pizza oven. Thanks to the sophisticated design, the pizza oven is ready for baking within 45 minutes. The pizza oven is a durable household appliance. The pizza oven is made of aluminium foil, wood, untreated steel and stainless steel. In short, buying a pizza oven from Piteba is something you will not regret. It is a wood-fired pizza oven for outdoor use at a favourable price. You buy a high-quality pizza oven that is suitable for various dishes.

Questions about buying the pizza oven

Questions about buying our pizza ovens? Feel free to contact us.

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