HOUTGESTOOKTE BUITENOVEN voor pizza, vlees, groente en slow cooking in de zandvulling.

- For meat, vegetables and fish

- Slow cooking in the sand

- Heat board on top

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    Due to the sophisticated design, this completely assembled outdoor oven heats up quickly and is ready for use. Add the unique ingredient yourself: DRY SAND. From the sandbox or from the construction market.

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    A surprisingly versatile wood oven from Holland for a special price. Made of stainless steel. Includes oven stones, oven brush, coal hook and heat shield.

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    Try the pizza oven for bread, meat or tortillas. The sand stays hot for a long time, so you can experiment with slow cooking and cooking in the sand on the inner shell. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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    The oven is made of stainless steel, untreated wood and aluminium foil. The sand retains the heat and ensures optimum use of the energy. Use prunings from your own garden.

PITEBA wood smoke


  • The use of sand as a heat barrier makes this wood-burning oven unique. That is why this oven works just as well as the traditional Italian pizza ovens. Once the pizza is ready, keep it warm on the top lid.

  • There is no chimney on the oven, so that all heat is used for heating the oven. No unnecessary heat loss due to the draft in the chimney. The perfect heat conversion in the oven, the burning fire in the back and some smoke ensure optimal baking conditions..

  • The oven has so many more options than just baking pizzas. Let your imagination run free and use the sand for numerous other applications. The sand on the oven shell is 300 to 400 ° C and on the surface under the top lid 50 ° C. So there is plenty to experiment with! Be sure to use good oven gloves.


In this wood oven you can burn a good fire
to quickly heat up the sand and the oven tiles.
Then it's time for pizza!

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We make your pizza oven

My own design pizza oven .....made of wood and steel

“Piteba is already known worldwide for its oil press. A few years ago I started designing an entirely new pizza oven. After many prototypes and countless pizzas, I succeeded in manufacturing a good, sustainable and unique wood oven for a low price. The sand as insulation and the wooden side panels are unique. I make the ovens by hand. In the Netherlands. "Edwin Blaak.