SLOW COOKER - wood fired
Outdoor oven / Modern pizza oven

Compact, multi-purpose and easy to store


You fill the oven with sand. The sand is not for insulation but to absorb the heat for a constant high temperature during use. The oven heats up in only 45 - 60 minutes. Once the oven is hot, you push the fire to the back and clean the tiles with the oven brush. You can easily make several pizzas because the sand keeps the oven warm. If necessary, you add some extra wood. If you want to make many pizzas or several dishes you should keep the fire burning at the rear.
For slow cooking you should keep the fire burning for 2 - 3 hours. The sand remains hot during several hours after the fire has gone out.

Sand in the oven

Filling the bottom of the garden oven with sand

Place the oven tiles

leveling the furnace bricks

Oven stones

inside of the outdoor oven

Sand on the oven

Filling the PITEBA outdoor oven with sand

Filled with sand

the PITEBA oven is completely filled with sand

Cover of the oven

the wood-fired pizza oven is ready for use


To fill the oven you need FILLING SAND. It's dry and easy to use. On sale in DIY stores. You need 3 bags of 25 kilos (40 liters in total).
Any other dry sand is also suitable.


Split the logs and make 25 centimeter pieces.

25 cm logs

dry prunings for the wood oven

Wood for slow cooker


Light the fire with paper or firelighters. Make sure you have a good fire to properly heat the tiles and sand. Add new logs regularly in the middle of the oven. The flames come out of the oven. Burn for 45-60 minutes to thoroughly heat the sand and tiles.

lighting the wood in the pizza oven
the kindling has been set on fire
quietly burning fire in the PITEBA oven


Push back the fire and ash with the ember scraper. Push the heat shield in front of the fire. Clean the tiles with the included brush. Sprinkle the stones with a little flour. If the flour turns black you should wait. If the flower turns brown you can bake the first pizza or dish.

Turn the pizza or dish regularly. The pizza will be ready in 2-5 minutes.

Place the heat shield

the burning wood in the oven is pushed back

Heat shield to the back

use the brush to wipe ash residue from the oven tiles

Keep fire burning

replenish the wood to keep the fire burning in the back

Start baking

Turn the pizza regularly and after about 3 to 5 minutes it is ready.

Heat up the sand


Slow cooker personalized

PITEBA wood-burning oven personalized


The oven is heavy, but easy to move thanks to the wheeled frame. Of course, always let the oven cool and wipe it out completely so that no charcoal remains before you store the oven indoors.

VERY EASY: if the wind changes, you can turn the oven or roll it to the other side of the terrace. Remember that the oven is very hot, so use oven mitts and make sure the fire is not too high.

Slow cooker frame


All steel parts of the oven are made of stainless steel. The side walls of the wooden version are not treated but can be stained or varnished. Create your own look.

The sand-filled oven is heavy but easy to move on the wheeled frame and can be stored indoors after coolind down and cleaning.