A wood fired outdoor oven and pizza oven. Handmade but not traditional.

The unique good heat buffer: the sand filling replaces the traditional stone.
No brickwork and yet all the advantages of a brick oven!
The sand is very suitable for slow cooking and pit cooking.
What else can you do? Let your imagination run free ...


Filled with sand the oven weighs 75 kilos and stays hot for a long time.


In the wood fired Piteba oven you can make an excellent pizza.  A wonderful wood smell and a crispy crust thanks to the oven baking tiles. The temperature in the Piteba oven remains constant because of the 60 kilos of sand, the unique concept of this oven. Try baking meat, bread and tortillas. The wood oven is suitable for slow cooking too. Wrap fish or meat in aluminium foil and cook it in the sand. The sand remains hot for hours…


You fill the oven with sand. The sand is not for insulation but to absorb the heat for a constant high temperature during use. The oven heats up in only 45 - 60 minutes. Once the oven is hot, you push the fire to the back and clean the tiles with the oven brush. You can easily make several pizzas because the sand keeps the oven warm. If necessary, you add some extra wood. If you want to make many pizzas, you should keep the fire burning at the rear.


If you cut the wood you pruned directly into 25 cm pieces and let it dry well, it is excellent for the oven. Wood that would otherwise be shredded or burned in a fire pit can be used Also kindling wood from the construction market is very suitable.


Light the oven with non-toxic firestarters or paper. Once the fire gets going, add extra wood. Make a good fire to heat up the sand on the inner shell and the baking stones in the oven. It will take about 45 - 60 minutes. As soon as the sand on top of the oven feels warm, the oven usually is hot enough.


Push the fire to the back of the oven with the supplied coal hook and the heat shield. Wipe the stones with the brush. Sprinkle some flour on the bottom and when it slowly turns brown you can put the first pizza in the oven. Turn the pizza regularly and after about 3 to 5 minutes it is ready.


You can give the wooden panels a personal touch by decorating them for a special occasion, having them printed with a logo or writing down names of the ones who give the oven as a present. You can also give the panels a colour. The possibilities are endless.


The round inner shell in the oven is made of stainless steel. The rest is made of steel. Wait until the oven has rusted a little and then rub it in with the supplied black stove & grate polish. Rub it out immediately. The result is a rustic metal oven. You can paint the two  wooden wall panels in one colour or make a drawing or text to create your own "look". The oven filled with sand is heavy, but can be emptied after complete cooling. You can easily store it inside.